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    Discrete Solutions was created by two individuals who have a passion for creating projects that not only work for clients but also work hard at maintaining a balance with the environment.
    Created by combining both companies, Integrated Control Ltd and Ben Addison Electrical we now believe we have the formula for success on projects.

    Taking projects from the first concepts, detailed designs, installation and finally programming and handover, we provide a full in house turnkey solution for our clients.

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    What Can We Offer

    We believe in providing services from our trusted team of in-house, highly training and successful engineers, and were needed partnered with selected contractors we have used on previous projects all aimed to give our clients a seamless project that is handed over on time and budget. Services we offer clients are:

    We are happy to discuss any other items not covered by any of the above if you feel they may be needed on a project.
  • Our Available Services :

    We are well versed in taking projects from the conceptual ideas through to detailed design packages.

    We have a team of qualified electricians and technicians, giving us the ability to work on all kinds of schemes, whether from large domestic dwellings, multi apartment building complexes, office building, colleges, factories etc. .

    Although all of our project are carried out by our in house engineers, we are able to offer independent companies the same service we deliver to our client.

    We provide our clients and other S.I. companies with a full in house software service. Our software solutions for Clipsal C-Bus and Crestron projects are truly custom; no templates are used within our schemes

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    Penistone 1, Suite 10, Regent Court,
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    E-mail: reception@discretesolutions.co.uk
  • Designs

    Building on our strong experience in electrical engineering, our designs take full advantage of the latest technology to provide complete solutions.

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  • Latest Company News

    As part of Schneider Electrics EcoXpert program, we are fully qualified in the design and installation of their Lighting Controls Solutions as MASTER Partners.

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    Directors of Discrete Solutions.
  • Commissioning

    Our projects are commissioned by our own experienced engineering staff, who have been involved with the project, so they always have a great understanding of what’s required.

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  • Lighting Controls

    We have been providing advanced lighting control schemes for more than 15years. Our main Lighting Product is Clipsal C-Bus, a product from Schneider Electric.

    We work hard to make sure our Lighting Control Solutions are built on a model that works in harmony with the building and the environment.

    Simple is easy !! giving the user a simple means of controling the homes complex systems is a major focus on all of our projects.

  • Control Systems

    Every project need some type of control interface to allow the user simple operaions of complex system.

    At Discrete Solutions we can provide various types of user interface from High End Crestron and RTI Systems to easy to user APP based control on tablets and smart phones. Depending on the complexity of the systems and client expectations, we can deliver the correct control solution. All of the control solutions we offer are programmed inhouse by our own highly trained personal.

  • Audio Visual Systems

    Multi Room Audio and Visual solutions have become more and more complex over recent times as HD, 4K and Ultra HD formats are becoming more prevalent. New Source equipment are adding to higher demands on HD Switching, so keeping a watching eye on the market delevelopements keeps us one step ahead in proving Clients with more custom solutions.

    Multi Room these days is the starting point of any smart home syste, allowing On Line content to be distributed around the home. All of other Audio solutions work in Combination with our lighting solutions, allowing the Wall Switch to not ony control the lighting, but also the Audio in the same room.

    HD Distribtuion of Video content is becoming harder and harder with the new protection afforded by HDMI 2 and new 4k and Ultra HD picture formats. So having the knowledge to chose the correct Matrix for the project is now an essential part of the system design, poorly chosen Matrix can spoil the whole project with poor picture and blank screens.

  • Utility Monitoring

    As part of the Schneider family of EcoXperts, we are fully qualified in providing solutions for the monitoring the projects utilities. Whether it's a simple one meter installation in a luxury home or to a 5 star hotel we are able to offer clients the right solution for the project.

    Today, energy efficiency is a priority on any project, so knowing where your enrgy is going or how much energy your creating may be by using PV is the key to good metering.

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